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IP-PBX Business Telephony

Our STAT-IP Telephony server is an open architecture Linux based voice application with support for all standard telephony features and more.

STAT-IP will interconnect to regular phone lines, PRI-T1 lines and SIP trunking. This platform has full support for integrated ACD, IVR, Voice Recording as well as Mass Notification Modules.

Runs in a VM environment and offers full redundancy options.


Automated Call Distribution

The CDS’ ACD is ideal for businesses that wish to distribute calls between different individuals.

Whether there is a need to distribute calls between sales representatives or customer service clerks (car dealerships, service centers etc.) or distribute calls between agents of a call center, the CDS ACD significantly increases productivity and reduces costs of operation.

Management reports are also available to administrators.


Interactive Voice Response System

CDS IVR interacts with client’s application databases. This connectivity allows callers to query various applications through dynamic voice menus.

The CDS Interactive Voice Response is ideal for all sizes and types of corporations including, financial, educational (student subscriptions and grade inquiries), medical (appointments), drugstores (prescription renewals) customer service centers (specific routing of calls), hotel properties (room reservations) golf clubs, (reservations of tee-offs) etc.

Mass Notification


The CDS Dialer is an optional module which allows automated initiation of outbound calls.

The result of the call is detected and can be acted upon accordingly, i.e.: no answer, busy, answered or answering machine). Calls may also be processed by other CDS applications such as the IVR or the ACD.

Voice Recording

The CDS Recorder is a powerful digital / SIP recording module.

The Recorder can be used either in “continuous” or “on the fly” recording mode.

The Recorder control window will prompt the agent to add key information to the transaction for fast and easy indexing and retrieval. This feature is a must for call centers doing sensitive phone transactions.

Complete voice conversations are available as support for any dispute that might arise.

Unified Messaging

CDS’ Unified Messaging is an optional module that allows a user to retrieve, visualize, listen and manage voice messages from the same application already used for e-mail messages management.

Users can also save and organize messages on their workstation’s hard disk or on their network server.

The “Mail” Unified Messaging Option is compatible with Microsoft Outlook and with any other client messaging that complies with the SMTP protocol such as IBM’s Lotus Mail.

Unified Messaging increases productivity by reducing tasks required to manage several messaging systems (voice, fax and e-mails).

Unified Messaging eliminates long distance phone call charges related to remote retrieval of voice messages since these can now be downloaded via Internet.

Call Performance

Advanced reporting solution on available in a non ACD scenario. Will report on number of rings before answer, hold time, abandon calls etc.

All reports available via Web Interface.

Call Accounting - Enterprise

In today’s business world where technology innovations become increasingly accessible, it is essential to make sure that communication resources are used in effective ways without being abused.

Administrators work to eliminate phone abuse and detect long distance fraud. STAT Telecom Manager is sophisticated software, specifically designed for managing employees’ telephone usage and for the generation of multiple reports.

These reports (summary or detailed) are used for call accounting, bill back and traffic management.

Call Bill Back by Account Codes

Forced and verified account codes / project codes are widely used by professional firms such as lawyers, accountants and engineers to bill back calls made for, or on behalf of, a client or project.

Used in conjunction with STAT Call Accounting, forced and verified account codes allow full flexibility for adding mark-ups and surcharges to calls and to produce summary and detailed reports for bill back to a particular client or project.

Authorization Codes

Authorization codes are used to control or restrict the use of phones within an organization and can reduce the potential of fraud by unauthorized personnel.

This largely prevents long distance fraud by employees or customers such as dialing 976 numbers.

Users are required to enter their personal code in order to dial restricted types of calls. The Authorization Code format is user definable and callers can be forced to use valid codes only.

911 and Fraud Notifications

Programmable triggers from:

  • SMDR port
  • PBX maintenance port
  • Traffic port
and notifications to:
  • Email / SMS
  • Voice message with escalation


Our telephony business solutions are targeted towards the following vertical markets:

  • Hospitality
  • Residences
  • Health Care
  • Entreprises
  • Call Centers






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